18 March 2012

Good Grief!

Bailey had an encounter with a kite eating tree and it just about ruined her. When I saw them at home at the end of the day Bailey just sighed dramatically. That was when Jenn told me what happened. Bailey opened up at that point by saying, "I had the saddest day of all". I tried to snap her out of it and tell her that we should do something for mom because she had a bad day but Bailey was quick to interject, "Not as bad as me". The poor girl.

This kite was not the ordinary run of the mill plastic kite but one of the really good nylon ones. It was a gift from Santa and when she wasn't flying it, it hung on her wall she loves the thing. Fortunately later that week it fell from the tree with no apparent damage. When Bailey reported the kite's recovery I asked if it was okay and she said, "It's still beautiful".

So all is well that ends well. We will undoubtedly tangle with the kite eating tree again but until that day we will enjoy the victory.