17 October 2010

Left Is Right and Vice Versa

So our little girl is totally ambidextrous. She makes no distinction between her right and left hand and seems to be able to use them equally well. Her choice seems more a matter of mood than any type of dominance by one side or the other. It will be interesting to see if she can hold on to that.

Here she is with the left hand.

Here she is with the right (and looking adorable I might add).

You can't really tell from the angle but here she is using both!

Wedding Bells

Our family is ever growing. This last week Jeff proposed to his girlfriend Kim and she said yes! They seem so happy and good together. We are excited for them and looking forward to the upcoming wedding. Having married into the Anderson family nine years ago I can speak with authority in saying that they are wonderful and very welcoming. Congratulations Jeff and Kim!