21 February 2010

Wow! Are those people models?

As Promised


Stay tuned for more. Props to Zinserphoto.com for the great pictures, thanks Evan.

20 February 2010

How can you stay mad?

By Jennifer:
So Friday was a little frustrating for me. Bailey took an early nap so no afternoon one and I was exhausted. So she was not my favorite person that afternoon. But as I am grumpily folding laundry in my bedroom I look over to see her picking up every little thing she sees on the floor and piling it on my dresser. "Oh my gosh she is (unsolicited) cleaning up my room!" and then as I am smiling to myself and thinking how lucky I really am I turn to find my stack of folded laundry gone. She had put it away, in a drawer of her choosing of coarse but YAY!!! Score one for Mommy!!
I really do love that girl.

14 February 2010

What a Saturday

So we enjoyed an amazing family day yesterday. We started out by driving down to Carson City where our good friends and professional photographers were offering a special for family photos. Evan Zinser met up with us and we cannot wait to see the results. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to catch up with an old friend. This will be the third set of family pictures that he has done for us.

From there we decided to have lunch together at the original Scoopers in Sparks. Their food never disappoints and they have a great patio so you can enjoy your meal outside. There is a whole local bird population that knows about Scooper's. They just bounce around looking cute and innocent but man the second you drop a french fry just say good bye because they are on it like a pack of beady eyed wolves.

Then Bailey and I decided to give mom a break and the two of us headed out for a walk. At one point Bailey totally stood straight up in her stroller and looked back at me saying "eyes, eyes, eyes". She just wanted her sunglasses, upon receiving them she plopped right back down and enjoyed the ride, at least until we came in view of a slide. At that point, all on her own, she hit the button to release her tray and hopped right out of the stroller. She got in a couple of good runs on the slide as well as some quality swing time.

Finally it was time to go home so that daddy could get ready for work, oh, did I mention we did all this before one o'clock?

07 February 2010

Words are so cute

Here is our little girl showing off her vocabulary. Isn't it just great!!