05 February 2012

Bailey The Prophet

Just call her Nostradamus. Our daughter is trying her hand at the prophecy gig. As we have posted there will be a new baby girl coming to our family this April which we are all very excited with. Bailey, however, is taking it a step further. One day she was speaking of the new baby and she referred to her as "him" and "he". I corrected saying "Remember Bailey we are getting a baby girl?" To which she replied, "Yes, a baby girl and a baby boy."

Since then she has not let up on the two baby theory. She has even picked out names, "Nick" and "Sally" which are of course inspired from PBS' The Cat and The Hat Knows A Lot About That (pictured above). Well, I'm not the biggest fan of Sally but if the two baby thing comes to fruition we may just have to let her name them anything that she wants.