30 January 2011

16 January 2011

Little Abby

Bailey has an imaginary friend which I think is so cool. I don't believe that I ever really got into that (although my stuffed animals did serve as gunners in my Gundam type robot). Her name is "Little Abby" (Hmmm... I wonder where she came up with that). Little Abby fits in her hand and sleeps on our planter stand downstairs. She actually forgot her at preschool this last week and Jenn had to go back and get her. She also left her in the grocery cart when we went shopping but to save a return trip I invented the story that I saw Baby Abby in the cart and had picked her up and put her in my pocket. I then handed her back to her mommy. I believe in validating my child's play and all but gosh darn-it I was tired and not feeling up to another trip.

This one isn't centered because Bailey was running full speed giving Little Abby a piggyback ride.

Note her hands. She is holding Little Abby up on her shoulder