25 May 2010

Bailey's Awesome Hangout

Do you ever wish that you could just get away from it all? Would you like just a small corner of the world that is yours and yours alone? Of course, we all do. Well, Bailey has found hers. The funny thing is she knows how cute it is too. Now when she crawls in she starts saying, "Mama camera." Where better to grab a snack and unwind from the stress of toddlerhood?

23 May 2010

An "A-ha" Moment

About a week after school let out I found myself struggling with some feelings that I hadn't expected, I missed school. It felt like I was spinning my tires again and I just wanted to go back. You have to understand that this was more than just a minor thing I actually felt myself starting to get depressed. I racked my brain trying to come up with projects or activities that might help me to get out of this funk.

Then the answer came. One morning Bailey woke up and I decided to let Jennifer sleep in as Bailey and I went downstairs. That morning I played with my daughter for almost two hours straight. As I watched her smile and heard her laughter it struck me that this was what I should be doing. This is what the time was for. I appreciate that moment of clarity so much and hope that I will treasure up some great memories with my daughter this summer.

14 May 2010

New Words

Bailey busted out some new words today.

#1 Okay

In context: She came up to Jennifer, put her hand on her back, looked into Jenn's eyes and said "Mama okay?" She was just checking up on her then she did it to me.

#2 Too

In context: I was in bed and she crawled up next to me and said "Baby hide too". Meaning she wanted to get in the blankets and pull them over her head.

It seems like she has a new word or two everyday. It is amazing not just that she can say them, but that she gets the context correct too. Children are amazing (especially Bailey :D).