13 March 2011


This semester I have the opportunity to complete a practicum at a local middle school. Now there was a lot of drama surrounding my getting a placement which I shall not get into here, however, the placement finally came. I am working with an incredible social studies teacher at Dapoali Middle School in the Double Diamond area. His name is Fred Williams. He is prepared, he knows his class and I really enjoy the assignments that he puts together for them. He also takes me aside at different times to explain what he is doing with his class and why he is doing it. He really seems interested in helping me to become a good teacher and I really appreciate it. He has encouraged the students to talk to me about their assignments and to answer any questions that I might have. I spend a lot of the time asking them about what they are working on, and they have been really willing to let me look over their assignments. I am having a great time.

The practicum requires that I spend 30 hours total in the classroom. Most of that time is observation, however, I will have the opportunity to teach two lessons while I am there. I look forward to getting my assignments from Mr. Williams.