29 November 2010

Dear Santa

Bailey loves to play my guitar (she can play as well as I can), so we have been thinking about getting her her own. And then one day...

Hmmm, I wonder what Santa is bringing for Christmas?

28 November 2010

My Little Cook

Bailey has really taken to the kitchen. She asks us if she can "cook" which means mixing flour with other stuff, like a whole carton of salt for instance. Whatever, the case, she loves it and she pays very close attention to what we are doing. I think that she will be a culinary queen when she grows up.

26 November 2010

The Whipping Cream Will Be Mine!

(We actually have very few pictures of me so here is one taken by Bailey. Please ignore the junk that has accumulated on the stairs...I SAID IGNORE IT!)

If you are like me and attempt to do your Thanksgiving grocery shopping the night before Thanksgiving let me just say that we are fools. I just needed a couple of things so I thought it should be simple. Well I had on my list whipping cream, none of that canned stuff for me. What I found was the refrigerated section had been completely wiped out of whipping cream with the exception of two small cartons waaaaaay in the back. At this point I could have given up but my home-made pumpkin pie deserved the very best so I mulled it over for a while. I grabbed a bottle of half-and-half and stepped into the fridge and stretched to my limit but to no avail. More mulling and then...Eureka!

There in the middle of the grocery store I calmly undid and removed my belt, Bailey looked really confused at this (Jennifer obviously wasn't there or this probably wouldn't have been allowed to happen). I formed a loop by folding my belt in on itself and with more stretching and stepping into the fridge I was finally able to grab a hold of the cartons well enough to pull them down into my reach. Feeling quite proud of myself I redid my belt and continued on my way.

I then forgot the whipping cream the next day and we ended up using the spray can whipping cream to top the pies.

21 November 2010

Never Trust a Two Year Old

Jennifer and I like to exchange gifts with each other around the holidays. We work hard to try and surprise each other, but this year, she is at a disadvantage. When I came home from work yesterday, I didn't even have the door closed behind me, when Bailey loudly announced, "Order daddy's present today. Mommy and Bailey ordered daddy's present today." Which she repeated about a half a dozen times just to be sure that I caught it.