08 February 2009

Full Time Mommy

We have really exciting news! Jennifer is going to be leaving her job at Ferrari-Lund to follow her first love, Bailey. That's right Jennifer will be a full time mom now. Bailey is so excited about not having to share her anymore. Unfortunately, Jenn has to stay on while they hire and train a replacement. I think she is really antsy about beginning this new chapter in her life.

Now she will still be doing some work from home and going in one day a week but it will give her a chance to get out some. Anyway, I am just so proud of Jennifer's decision that I wanted to share it with all of you.

04 February 2009

What Next?

Last weekend was definitely not one that I would care to repeat so I thought that I would share a brief Sadler rant. It all started on Thursday, I drove to school and attended my classes, nothing noteworthy there, but as I went to leave school my car wouldn't start. I ended up having to call Jenn to come get me. Luckily she had not left for work yet. My mechanic actually drove to the school thinking it might be the starter, he was ready to change it out right on the spot but there was no such luck, I have blown the head gasket apparently. Repairs are in the neighborhood of $1200 for minimal work and $2500+ for the optimal job. Since the car only cost $3000 I'm going to wait.

Saturday brought some grim news to The Men's Wearhouse. We had to lay two people off. Now if you are not familiar the way this works is that we as management are told about this about a week before it happens. What this means is I had to work with these two individuals all week and legally I could not say a word about what was coming. I was sick to my stomache all week long. Then the actuall firing did little to relieve that feeling. I hate having to see anybody go, even if you aren't friends perse you get so used to the store dynamic and it is hard to see that change. Coupled with the fact of the week economy you naturally worry for them and that doesn't go away when they leave the store.

Then later that same Saturday morning I got a call early in my shift. It was Jenn, she was incredibly upset. Her father had fallen while working in his shop and was being taken to the hospital. I ran home and we both went to see him. We finally got the facts together, he had taken a nine foot fall from the mezzanine level of his shop to land head first on a concrete floor. Luckily, by the time we got there he was coherent and actually joking around a bit. The CT scan revealed only a minor fracture in one of his vertebrae. Nine staples in the head later he was ready to go home. He is taking it easy but we're so thankful that it wasn't worse.

Not the greatest start to 09 but I am optimistic about February, keep you fingers crossed.