20 June 2010

The Rainbow Bridge

Tonight I had a singular experience. I witnessed as the Anderson's family dog was euthanised. He was incredibly listless today and hadn't been eating much at all. Finally he got the shivers and refused to get up. It was decided that he should be taken to the Animal Emergency Center in Reno. The staff were incredible. They took Dank right in for an exam. They determined that x-rays would be needed for further diagnostics and the okay was given. The x-ray results were back in about a half hour. All the while they were very calm and incredibly courteous. Seriously, I cannot say enough nice things about them. Unfortunately, they found some nodules in Dank the most sever being in his lungs. From the x-ray they could not technically call it cancer but it was clear that there was little else that it could be. They said that the best that we could realistically hope for would be to determine the type of cancer and begin chemotherapy treatments which might buy him a few more months. My mother-in-law was forced to make the difficult decision to have him put to sleep. They brought him into our room and allowed us to visit. He gave mom one final lick on the hands and the doctor came in to administer the anesthesia which would stop his heart.

I was glad that I could be there for it and glad to discover that I did feel grief as we watched him pass. This experience truly deepened the love that I have for animals but more particularly for dogs. I have never been able to own a dog as a result of my circumstances but hope to one day be able to provide a home for one. I am glad to know that animals our one of the creations of our Heavenly Father and although I do not know what the circumstances will be after this life for them, I trust that He does not take his creations lightly and that there is a place for them somewhere in his plan.

13 June 2010

He Guarantees It!

We were slammed the other morning at work. In anticipation of a really busy night we were staffed really light in the morning. Unfortunately our customers didn't realize that they were not supposed to be there yet so me and another associate were just running our behinds off. At some point amidst all this commotion I looked up to see an eerily familiar bearded man walk right by me, after I completed the double take it was confirmed, George Zimmer (the founder, CEO, and spokesman for the Men's Wearhouse) had walked into our store. He took one look at the chaos and without hesitation began measuring and helping customers. It was amazing. Once the business died down he congratulated the both of us for how hard we were working and left for a meeting that he had in town. Definitely not an every day experience.