26 October 2009

Happy Birthday!

Well Jenn's mother turned 60 this last week. We had a really nice get together. Jenn's brother and girlfriend were there along with two of Jenn's uncle's and their wives, even one of Jenn's cousins. We were quite a big crowd packed in that little house. Jenn's grandmother wanted it to be special so she was the hostess of the affair. We had some delicious lasagna and garlic bread courtesy of Jenn's grandmother and a from scratch carrot cake courtesy of my fabulous wife. It was great to be able to share some time with family.

19 October 2009

Parenting Fail and Country Dancing

First the fail. Just south of us there is a "Pumpkin Patch", not an actual pumpkin patch mind you (they have to truck all of the pumpkins in) but there it is all the same. We decided to take Bailey down last Friday to check it out. It was pretty predictable with a lot of their decor made up of dried corn husks and bales of hay. I have to admit I found the whole thing kind of chintzy but I realized that I was not really the target audience. Bailey had a blast. She ran around and tapped each pumpkin just delighted as all get out. She got her own little pumpkin which she was adorable holding. She was so adorable, but, we forgot our camera like she was a middle child or something. We have discussed going back for a redo of sorts so that we can get some pictures.

On Saturday our ward did a barn dance social. It was pretty cool in that they got a bona-fide dance instructor to teach us some line dancing. If you missed out, let me assure you, you missed a treat. Those in attendance were able to witness my attempting the Electric Slide, Cotton Eyed Joe and some nameless couples dance. I don't "dance" in the traditional sense of the word. My version involves mostly my looking dazedly around myself and trying to figure out how many steps behind I am.

04 October 2009

I Am One Proud Papa

The other morning I had Bailey in her highchair and we were about to eat breakfast when I said, "We need to say a blessing", at which point Bailey promptly folded her arms (she had gotten pretty good at this already so no surprise there). As I started to pray I could her her jabbering away, also not a surprise. I wanted to make sure that she hadn't gotten a hold of something that she shouldn't so I peeked and I was just so surprised by what I found. Bailey had her arms still folded, her eyes closed and the most intent look on her face. That was when I realized that she was saying her prayers. She continued on like that for awhile until she was done at which point she just lifted her head up and had the biggest smile on her face. I am so proud of her.