17 April 2011

When You Think No One Is Looking

So the background is that Bailey offered to help vacuum while Jenn took care of some other chores. That was when Bailey discovered just how much fun the vacuum cleaner was to play with. Fortunately the vacuum was so loud that Bailey didn't see Jennifer going for the camera and she just played away. Notice her reaction as soon as she realizes that she is being watched.

11 April 2011

Happy Birthday!

I guess that we were a little eager for our daughter to praise her new gift so we asked, "Do you like it?" To which she replied slowly and patiently, "You keep asking me if I like it and I like it." I guess our enthusiasm was a little excessive.

"Thank you for the new bike. It's SUPER big!"

02 April 2011

Paradigm Shift

Bailey had her little mind blown tonight. She saw a man with earrings and immediately spoke up, "Boys don't have earrings". Feeling a little embarrassed we immediately tried to correct her saying that some do. I even showed her the holes in my ears from my old earrings. Jenn summarized by saying, "Daddy used to have earrings". We thought that we had cleared it all up and saved face with the guy at the table next to us until Bailey countered, "But, now he is a boy".